Management and Digital Oilfield

Spend less time on managing data and more time making decisions. Few E&P companies have “big data” but rather hundreds of smaller date sources, systems, and spreadsheets consuming both time and financial resources to manage. JH assists with:

General business process improvement consulting
Full service project management for digital oilfield and digital transformation projects

  • o Defining the strategy
  • o Supplying the right people for the job
  • o Project execution

Normal Approach

  • o Web pages built for data entry or workflow management
  • o Smart alarms, data visualization or discovery, and reporting
  • o Real time or on demand predictive physics-based models
  • o Real time or on demand machine learning models or multi variate analysis

Common project goals

  • o Decreasing drilling times
  • o Increasing frac performance
  • o Increasing well production
  • o Decrease failure rates
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